Change the default SSH port (CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu)

By changing your SSH port you can cut down on the majority of automated brute force attempts. By default SSH utilizes the port 22; here’s how to change it to something else: Login into SSH as root and edit the sshd_config file using your favorite editor. The 
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Test the Disk I/O on your VPS

There are a few commands that allow you to test the disk I/O speeds on your virtual machine. Please note that scores do vary and are not a completely accurate assessment of disk I/O. dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/test bs=64k count=16k conv=fdatasync Example output:  
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CentOS 5.5 + LAMP + Webmin Installation Tutorial

The goal here is to setup Apache, MySQL and PHP which is commonly referred to as a “LAMP” stack. Everyone’s requirements are different but this tutorial will give you an easy way to get started. You will need a server with a fresh, clean installation of CentOS 5.5 x8 or 
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