Reasons to Choose VPS over Reseller Hosting

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If you are a graphic designer or a web developer, you could take advantage of reseller hosting service to generate a steady income beside the development tasks. All you need is to grab a regular VPS server with multiple IP addresses to host client websites and charge a flat fee for a year. This will not only be convenient to your client but also a long-term steady income for your business. VPS is an excellent way to offer hosting service to your clients with better control and security as compared to regular shared reseller hosting.

Reasons to Choose VPS over Reseller Hosting

Custom Installation and Configuration

Webmasters have certain application requirements to run the different projects. Since reseller hosting use shared environment you cannot install custom software or configurations to cover your needs.Further, web host apply number of restrictions to limit the shared account resources in order to sell more. With virtual private server you enjoy the freedom to install custom applications with your own configurations to meet the client needs.

Faster & Powerful

VPS tends to be faster and powerful as compared to reseller shared environment. With virtual server you have your own CPU , dedicated memory, hard disk and bandwidth. The virtual server is a mini dedicated server with its own OS and file system. Reseller hosting is often slower as there are hundreds of different websites sharing the single server.

More Control

You have better control on the server than reseller hosting. You could easily see the logs and find out the website with more CPU usage to fine tune your server. You can also charge more to clients with more data volume and usage. It is hard to debug in reseller hosting as you have no shell access and you have to accept whatever technical support explains to you.

More Secure

Data security is a major concern for online businesses. There is no use of beautiful designed website if the customer data has no security. Downtime is always unacceptable to businesses and have grave consequences.

Shared environment has number of security risk due to the fact that hackers usually buy the service to scan the network for their own purpose. In shared server there are many out dated websites with poor code. Hackers could easily exploit poor coded sites to use the server for phishing and spam activities.

VPS has low risk as it will have your own websites and not shared with hundreds of other  domains. You can install firewall and keep your websites up to date to make it secure and safe online.

Data Safety

In traditional reseller hosting you do not have the shell access or root control of the server. You cannot configure your own set of data backups on your desired week days. This could be a great hurdle to keep data backups for your business safety. With VPS you have root control along with shell access to the server. You could configure auto backups on desired week days. Also you can install a custom script to move the data to your local server automatically. This is a great feature to keep your data secure and safe to mitigate the data loss and restore the important information in data corruption.

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