Six Reasons Why cPanel is the Best Control Panel

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It would be extremely difficult to manage your server if you don't have a strong Linux background. We recommend utilizing cPanel, one of the most powerful control panels on the market.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is a private company based in Houston, Texas. cPanel is one of the best hosting control panel used widely to administer the sites and servers with an easy graphical interface. cPanel is more than a blessing for beginners, and it is equally important and useful to experienced system administrators. It is a complete code that allows you to host the websites with tons of features useful to manage hundreds of websites simultaneously.

Structure of the Control Panel

The magical software was initially designed for speed hosting and with the passage of time, it has become an essential part of web hosting service. cPanel is a Linux based control panel with variety of tools and scripts to break down the complex software structure into simple click-based processes.

cPanel has three major parts according to its usage and control system.

1. Administrator (Root)
2. Reseller
3. Clients / Users

The Administrator role has root control with most access and control features on the server. The administrator could further assign the rights and policies to the resellers and the end-users. Using cPanel the server could smoothly be parted into three layers and help the hosting industry to sell the server in three tiers.

Reseller is the second tier with an ability to administer the end-user and allocate the resources as per business demand. Resellers usually purchase a part or portion on the server and sell the distributed resources to the users.

The End-users are the individuals who host the websites and use the allocated rights and scripts by the administrator or reseller of the server.

As cPanel is widely used, it is highly compatible and has hundreds of addons created by third party software for necessary integration. You can find addons like billing, installers, PHP scripts, content management tools, server monitoring, email and backup tools easily. cPanel also supports virtualization and cloud technology along with physical servers.

Six reasons why cPanel is the best control panel available on the market today

Below are some great versatile features that make cPanel as one of the best control panels on the web.

1. Host Multiple Websites

cPanel provides multiple domain and sub domain hosting to it users. cPanel enables the users to host multiple websites independently as well as sub accounts of the main website. Once the account is created using graphical interface, cPanel automatically creates DNS records, mail service, ftp service, and database platform for the newly created user. It is easy to use the input forms to limit the resources and features of the newly created accounts.

2. Email Management

cPanel has built-in email management system to deliver and receive unlimited emails depending on the server configuration. cPanel utilizes Exim mail server for fastest mail deliveries. It has a wide compatibility using universal mail protocols with high-end mail solution. User can easily create and delete the email accounts. It also provides advance features like mail forwarding, email filtering, and mailing list to the users.

3. Easy Data Management

cPanel has most mature and easy data structure. The data structure is well secured with the easy migration system. Users could easily upload/download the data using graphic interface. cPanel offers ftp for file transfer and phpMyAdmin for database management. User could easily backup and restore the data to any cPanel server with the help of few clicks. The easy backup and restoration process make the cPanel as an industry-leading tool for data management. The data backup system allows the administrator to run the scheduled backups automatically on the daily, weekly and monthly basis.

4. Logs & Performance Metrics

As cPanel is Linux based control panel it inherently generates logs for all the activities on the server. The logging system makes it best panel to debug the problems quickly with the extreme powerful reporting system. Along with server-side logs it also provides an easy interface to the end-users to see the website logs and traffic to the server. It offers webalizer and awstats to the users to see the traffic and bandwidth of the hosted websites.

5. Security & Stability

There are no two opinions on the cPanel reliability. It is the most-used control panel with powerful features and reliability in the hosting industry. cPanel is highly customizable offering a great set of security rules to the users. cPanel has mature and tested updates. cPanel team is highly attentive and careful about the security, as a bad code could affect millions of the servers worldwide.

6. Ongoing Development & Support

cPanel has a hyper active team that works days and nights to keep the software up to date and secure over the web. cPanel often releases the updates and applies the patches automatically on the server. Further, cPanel has tons of videos, text and tutorials for the users. With a huge users list, you could easily search the web to find the solution for your problems. cPanel has an official forum and technical support to help its users.

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