Why a VPS is a Better Choice for Small Businesses

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Virtualization is a new technology trend that has changed the dimensions of server architecture. Virtual technology enabled the IT world to extract the maximum power out of hardware with reduced cost. Before the evolution of virtual technology the traditional IT world had a number of dedicated machines deployed to execute the complex applications independently. The virtual technology made it possible to execute a number of applications in the dedicated environment on a single powerful machine parted into multiple virtual servers.

VPS or virtual private server is an isolated smaller part of a physical server having its own independent environment providing full control to the user. VPS technology has filled the gap between shared and dedicated hosting services. It is not only more secure and powerful than shared services but a cost effective and cheaper solution as compared to dedicated hosting.

Faster and Secure Websites

Did you know that Shopzilla has generated 12% more revenue by improving the speed of website to 1.2 seconds? Amazon, Yahoo and Mozilla followed the same track and experienced a sudden boost in the traffic and revenue.

Several surveys proved that the faster and user friendly websites gain user trust quickly and therefore generates more sales as compared to slower websites. VPS allows you more power to execute the tasks efficiently.

If you have a slow and creepy website you are killing your business unintentionally. It is no more a secret that faster website has a great impact over the search engines. Google has started recording the website speed as a ranking factor in its algorithm. The creepy website fails to gain the user trust with no sales.

Shared hosting has hundreds of websites hosted on the same server. Black listed IPs, Phishing sites, slow and defaced websites are common problems with shared services. Virtual private server makes you safe from the spammers and hackers websites ready to scan your code to steal the important data.

Better Control and Performance

VPS hosting offers you full administrative control with its own operating system. You can customize the server according to your application needs. You are no more bound to use pre-configured shared server with specific application versions and configurations. You can also reboot or re-install your server with no impact on other virtual servers.

Since your business is hosted on a private virtual server your website has much more resources to enjoy and perform better. Further, you can easily upgrade the resources to meet the occasional traffic spikes with no downtime.

Affordable Solution

Organizations used to spend few hundred dollars on physical servers along with full time administrator to keep the server up to date and running.

VPS seems to be the best choice when you are in need of power in a fraction of the cost. Small businesses and entrepreneurs are realizing that virtual servers could save a lot in the long run with remarkable technical advantages. You can easily purchase a fully managed VPS spending less than hundred dollars and focus on your business with no technical worries. is a world class VPS hosting provider that is here to stay with enterprise grade hardware and advanced deployment strategy.

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